Increase underwriting efficiency and automate your quote process

Commercial insurers leverage our APIs to provide accurate quotes in seconds, not days.

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Classification is a key step to profitable growth of your book.

There are three major problems with risk classification today

Consumer friction

Consumers expect a quote in seconds, not days. You need a solution that allows for instant classification and a quick quote.


Your team’s time is valuable. Not all risks are created equal. So why do most underwriting processes treat them that way?


Traditional channels are rife with inaccurate classifications. This leaves you vulnerable to underfunded losses or overpriced, churn-prone accounts.

Juniper solves all three of these problems

Our API combines several data sources along with consumer provided data in order to produce an instant risk classification. We return class codes for all common industry classification systems including NAICS, ISO, SIC and NCCI standards.

This allows you to provide a modern digital experience to consumers and accurately classify risks with minimal underwriting resources. Give your underwriting team a competitive edge to uncover classification discrepancies instantly.

We leverage the latest and best in natural language processing (NLP) in order to break down external and user provided data. This allows Juniper to make more accurate classifications and for our models to improve over time.